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Two days

(Contract Only.)

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Executives who want to learn about systems thinking and its role in improving production and operations

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1.2 CEUs

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$899 Tuition covers all materials.

(Travel is not included)
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Course Description

Find out how your organization really works and gain insight into tackling workplace issues through systems thinking. Develop systems thinking skills for everyday use. Assist work teams with complex problems and design appropriate interventions by learning the vocabulary for communicating about systems, casual diagramming techniques and the use of systems archetypes in practical settings.

Course Objectives

  • Describe the cause-and-effect dynamics of performance and phenomena (good and bad)
  • Apply the vocabulary and diagramming techniques for using systems thinking in practical workplace problem solving and analysis
  • Apply the systems archetypes and tools to your own workplace challenges

Course Benefits to Participants

  • Better understand foundations of system thinking and considerations.
  • Learn about key concepts of enterprise architecture, flowcharting, performance measures, efficiency vs. productivity, and how to improve productivity.
  • Are introduced to systems design and layout, systems and quality, and how to analyze a system for risk.
  • Are educated about best practices and latest trends in systems thinking.
  • Meet and work with peers from other organizations.

Course Benefits to Organizations

  • Retain, support and grow their talent.
  • Have trustworthy leaders who are equipped to lead and be led.
  • Gain access to training with proven success for 30 years.

Is this Course for You?

  • This course is ideal for the executive who want to understand how systems thinking can help them and their organizations be more productive using various tools like Lean Six Sigma and risk reduction strategies. In order to receive a certificate of completion for Systems Thinking, learners must attend all days of instruction and complete all course requirements.

Next Steps

  • This is a contract only course at this time. Please reach out to us using the information provided below.

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