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High-potential managers and executives

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1.8 CEU's

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$ 1,699.00


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Executive Survival Skills

May 7 – 9, 2024


Executive Survival Skills

September 23 – 25, 2024


Executive Survival Skills (Virtual Instruction)  

December 10 – 12, 2024

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Executive Survival Skills (ESS) is a three-day course designed for high-potential managers and executives. The course helps participants be better equipped to lead change through a deeper understanding of leadership and team building skills and practices. The curriculum covers topics such as leading in turbulent times, emotional intelligence and leadership roles, leadership presence, situational leadership, change dynamics and tools, team development and trust, and appreciative inquiry.

The course will address the theoretical and practical leadership aspects essential for survival in today's changing environment. Examine how the leader's attitude, values, and beliefs influence organizational performance. Analyze your critical thinking/ decision-making processes and apply strategies to improve them. Learn to be resilient, overcome setbacks and avoid career derailment in the rapidly changing, high-pressure environment of executive leadership

Who Should Attend?

Individuals at the GS 13-15 level, participants in agency Candidate Development Programs and SES members seeking additional or refresher training. In order to receive a certificate of completion from Executive Survival Skills, learners must attend all days of instruction and complete all course requirements.

Class Type:

1. Online

2. In-Person Classroom

3. On-site

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand your leadership role in the change process
  • Strategically plan agency and organizational change initiatives
  • Develop strategies to implement the required change initiatives
  • Identify priorities and opportunities for your individual development as a leader of change

Learning Outcomes:

  • Balance competing demands from superiors and those you supervise
  • Have a deeper understanding of your leadership and team building skills
  • Be better prepared to engage in self-analysis, and to identify individual strengths and areas for further development
  • Gain leadership skills that will enable you to excel in the workplace, attain organizational goals, and increase the performance of your office

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